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Why I'm Running

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I’ve heard many reasons why I shouldn’t run for Congress ...

I’m not Latino enough.

I’m too Latino.

Voters don’t know me (yet).

I don’t have big donors.

I don’t have the backing of the establishment.

I live in a rural part of the district.

I’m not a veteran.

And the list goes on … 

There will always be people lining up to explain why change is impossible and dissuading us from even trying.

But I want to share why I am running for Congress.

These are not ordinary times. Even a few years ago, having a carefully coached, milquetoast Democratic candidate who could be relied upon to vote along party lines was good enough. Not anymore.

Our democracy is under fire. It’s not enough for our representatives to simply vote. We need someone who is willing to fight for the restoration of our democracy
against powerful forces like big money in politics and the erosion of the separation of powers. Restoration of our democracy is crucial to the fight on important issues like climate change, immigration, and healthcare.

We need an advocate. 

I have spent my entire career defending the Constitution and standing up to the government to fight for the rights of the people.

We cannot wait for the establishment to put forth a candidate capable of leading the charge. The situation is dire and there is not a moment to lose. 

There comes a time in life when we must throw our hat in the ring despite the many obstacles.

 I’m in. Are you?


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